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I often get questions about what kind of paper you should use for papercraft, what kind of glue, what does "scoring" mean, which program you need to open PDO files, and many more.

Although there's really no definitive answer to most of these questions of course, I made a small "Papercraft building FAQ" to help people with the most common questions:

Ninjatoes papercraft building FAQ

Have fun building!
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lll-hal9000-lll Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
Hello there

Sorry by my poor english. I love your work since you make the Samurai Pizza Cats pizza parlour.
Recently i saw in you web page you publish the link TIE Interceptor UHU02īs , but it has expired when i noticed, it was too late. I really, really like this Tie; actually i have a Tie Advanced and a Tie bomber in plastic, but i always wont this. Would be possible to send me the model, please? I promise not to resell, distribuid or else, i just wanna build it. Pleeeease :-(
ninjatoespapercraft Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2013
Hi there!

It's true, unfortunately Uhu02 only releases his papercraft works in public for a very limited time... :o(

He does that for a reason of course, so unfortunately, it wouldn't be right of me if I would just take his paper models and spread them around without his permission... :o(

Uhu02 does an "archive" section where you can still download his older models like the TIE-interceptor (you can find it under the "library" link on the left side on his website homepage: [link] ) but it is only accessible if you know the username and password...

You can find the username and password in the "Uhu appreciation thread" on the Zealot forums, but you have to read carefully through all the posts (especially the ones written by Uhu02 himself) and keep in mind that he changed it a few times, so if the first one you find doesn't work, try a newer one.

I hope you can find it, because Uhu02's TIE-interceptor is still available from his archive section (but if you do, please don't share the username and password or the files openly, because Uhu02 doesn't like that of course! :o(

You can also try leaving UHU02 a comment on his webpage or e-mailing him directly (his e-mail adress is at the top o fthe "about" page: [link] ) and ask if he would be willing to send you the files or the username and password for his archive (if you write to him in English, I'm sure he will be able to understand he you! ;o)

I made a Star Wars TIE-fighter myself some time ago too, which somebody else re-drew on the computer and made into a TIE-interceptor which you can download here: [link]

And somebody else made a simple TIE-interceptor too: [link]

But I hope you'll be able to get the files for Uhu02's TIE-interceptor, good luck and fun!
airasumi Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012
Quite an in-depth guide; very helpfull for thew newcomer to this nice hobby. Good questions and good answers; I read them very often in other language as well :)
Thanks for writing and sharing it!
ninjatoespapercraft Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2012
I tried to remember all the questions people asked me over the years; I'm sure I still forgot some, but hopefully the FAQ will answer at least most of people's basic questions about papercraft! ;o)
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November 12, 2012


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